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Is  Digital Art considered real art?

If you had asked me that question back in the early days of technology, my answer would have been no, but that has changed. Programs like Photoshop, Manga Studio and Corel Painter have really given traditional artists some pretty  cool tools to create amazing works of art. We all have our preferences but I find Corel Painter to be the most accurate and life like  artists/painter program on the market. I am in not affiliated with Corel, it’s just my professional and personal opinion.

Digital art has really exploded and the levels of art is extraordinary. Some artists will create the artwork using this digital technology, have the artwork printed and add to it with the use of real paint and other mediums. This is not new, it’s just more main stream than ever! I believe digital art is real art, even though I prefer actual paint to canvas:)

Now lets see some art:)!

  • Green Leaf Logo
    Green Leaf Logo
  • GSE 4.0 product launch 640
    GSE 4.0 product launch 640
  • GSE & PVO Bundle
    GSE & PVO Bundle
  • GSE 3 Choices
    GSE 3 Choices
  • Beauty from within
    Beauty from within
  • Lotus Loft Digital Print
    Lotus Loft
  • Lifes healing choices
  • Dave Ramsey banner
  • ChocBerries
  • Royal Tea Macaw
    Royal Tea Macaw
  • RJ Limo
  • Network logo
  • Network cards
  • Chiro ad find relief here
  • Connections cafe
  • Coffee and Tea Flavors
    Coffee & Tea flavors
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Your Story Brochure
    Your Story Brochure
  • Digital Marketing Seek and Save
    Seek and Save

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