Children’s Murals

Children’s Wall Murals:
Hand Painted Wall Murals for children are fun and creative. It is important to meet the child/ children and ask ” what would they like to see on their walls”. You would be surprised at how eager they are and how much, some kids would like to see painted on their walls. Hand Painted Kids Murals will range in detail, realism, animation, design complexity and overall size of wall mural. I have painted hundreds of Hand Painted Kids Murals over the 25 years I have been in business.

  • Kids Mural: dolphin-bubble
  • Kids Mural: The Constuction-site
  • Kids Mural: Butterfly dreamyscene
  • Kids Mural: Black Stingray
    Black Stingray
  • Kids Mural: BaseBall Stadium rips open wall
    BaseBall Stadium rips open wall
  • Kids Mural: beluga races train
    beluga races train
  • Kids Mural: Dirtbike Crazy
  • Kids Mural: quad-camouflage
  • Kids Mural: Snowleopard
  • Kids Mural: shark_stingray
  • Kids Mural: Noahs Arc
    noahs arc
  • Kids Mural: polarbear_penguins
  • Kids Mural: Polarbear cubs
  • Dolphin_pearl
  • Carousel
  • Brianna_Monkey
  • BiPlane
  • Jumping dolphins Kids Wall Mural
  • The Turtle Wall Mural
  • The Wave Kids Murals
  • Zebra mates
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